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Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai

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Ereshkigal Cherry fate hentai onahole onahip with box

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Onaho of the Round Table

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Meiki no Shoumei 5: Zhang Xiao Yu / Chou Shuu U
Special Price £84.95 Regular Price £99.95

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Secret Spellbook onahole with packaging

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Orgasmic Suction of Ryujin Packaging

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Slut Angel Onahole Divine Pocket Pussy  box and onahole
Special Price £24.95 Regular Price £29.95

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TYO 360ml lubricant
Special Price £19.95 Regular Price £23.95

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Motsutoys: The UK Onahole Shop Where Pleasure Meets Play

Welcome aboard the Motsutoys express – your ultimate destination in the quest for top-notch men's pleasure toys.

From the depths of Japan's innovative wonders, we bring you an exhilarating collection that's all about adding that extra 'oomph' to your solo adventures.

Dive into our treasure trove where onaholes reign supreme, let onahips sway you into ecstasy, enhance your experience with indispensable onahole accessories, and let our celebrated mini sex dolls bring your wildest fantasies to life.

We know you're looking for that extra bit of excitement, and that's precisely what we deliver. Our promise? Exceptional service, competitive prices, and the stealthiest of deliveries straight from our secret warehouse in the Netherlands.

Discover your new favourites and stumble upon the unexpected. If you've got questions, we're here to help – and maybe share a tip or two!

Welcome to the Motsutoys family. Let's make your pleasure our business.

What’s the best onahole for me?
Why do you sell hentai sex toys and Japanese pocket pussies?
Is an onahole difficult to clean?
Is there discreet shipping and payment for sex toys?
Is an onahole better than your hand?
How do I get Motsutoys discounts and coupons?

So, what kind of sex toy should you get? While a lot of it depends on your personal preferences and budget, we can give you a quick overview of some of our most popular categories to get you started:

Onaholes (pocket pussies)

Ready to graduate from manual to magical? Onaholes are your first-class ticket to pleasure town. Crafted with special materials and designed to dazzle, these compact marvels offer sensations that hands alone can't match.

Weighing in at less than 600 grams and manageable with just one hand, they're the epitome of convenience. Not only are they a breeze to store and clean, but they're also your wallet's best friend.

And let's talk endurance – with an onahole, you're set for the long haul without the cramp. Perfect for those who enjoy taking their time to explore every thrilling sensation.

▶ Discover your new favourite pocket pussies

Craving something a bit more... substantial? As you venture into larger territories, you'll find sex toys that not only look more realistic but feel it too.

With extra room for intricate designs, you'll encounter mini hips and torsos that are nothing short of art. And thanks to thicker walls, the embrace of these toys offers an intensified squeeze, bringing you closer to the pinnacle of pleasure.

▶ Step up your game with our big onaholes

Huge onaholes & onahips

Ever dreamt of holding on to something more... lifelike? Our collection of extra-large onaholes and onahips brings your dreams into reality.

With their beautiful, feminine curves and voluptuous forms, they don’t just promise an experience—they deliver an unforgettable adventure.

And why settle for one when you can have more? Many of these grand beauties feature dual tunnels, offering double the fun and double the pleasure.

Dive into the deep end of desire and let these sumptuous companions take you on a journey of intense satisfaction.

▶ Check out our huge onaholes and onahips

Blowjob sex toys for men

Craving the unmatched sensation of oral pleasure? Look no further. Our blowjob sex toys are masterpieces of design, crafted to emulate the intimate embrace of a woman’s mouth.

Experience the tender caress of lips, the playful flick of a tongue, and the deep warmth of a throat, all dedicated to your delight.

▶ Surrender to sensation with our blowjob sex toys

Tit sex toy

We have a whole section dedicated to sex toys for boob guys! 

Our Japanese tit sex toys not only mimic the soft, bouncy allure of real breasts but invite you to explore every fantasy.

Fondle, motorboat, and dive into the delightful practise of Paizuri. Each toy is a celebration of form, designed to bring your desires to life.

▶ Embrace the allure with our tit sex toys

Sex doll torso

For those seeking an encounter that engages every sense, the sex doll torso is your invitation to a more profound experience.

Imagine the warmth of your hands gliding over her shoulders, the silky-smooth journey down to caress her breasts, and the ultimate descent to her waist—each curve a promise of pleasure.

It's about connection, allowing you to express your desires fully and passionately. With a sex doll torso, it's an immersive dance of intimacy.

▶ Explore deeper connections with our sex doll torsos

Mini sex dolls

The mini sex doll is a masterpiece of erotic artistry, offering the full visual feast: enchanting faces, enticing curves, and legs that lead to infinite fantasies, all wrapped up in a pose-able package.

These beauties are about bringing your deepest desires to life, with the added convenience of being easy to manoeuvre, store, and enjoy without the investment of a life-sized counterpart.

Dive into the world of mini sex dolls, where fantasy meets form in the most delightful ways.

▶ Discover the beauty of fantasy with our mini sex dolls

Craving More

Beyond the onahole categories we've already explored, there’s a whole universe waiting for you. Fancy something quick and easy? Our masturbation cups might just be the ticket.

Or maybe you're desiring a lighter touch, like a blow up sex doll or a cuddly hentai pillow to keep you company.

And let’s not forget the essentials – we’ve got all the bells and whistles to enhance your pleasure (like high-quality lube!), plus everything you need for carefree cleaning and storage.

Dive into our onahole accessories to find those perfect companions for your adventures.

Questions on Your Mind?

Stuck on something? Curious? Just feeling chatty? Our FAQ is a great place to start, but if you need a bit more guidance, drop us a line.

Our team might be small, but we’re mighty in knowledge and ready to help. We’re usually quick on the draw because your pleasure waits for no one!